Sanitary Measures, Minimum Distances and Wc and Bidet Dimensions

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Building or renovating a bathroom from scratch can be a rather complicated undertaking. In addition to the choice of the set of sanitary ware appropriate to the style set in

Working with a circular saw

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<p>However, the user has nothing to fear if he follows the safety standards and rules for the care of circulars and their use. Or maybe you need <a href="">12 inch

Protect Your Eyes with the Best Self-Darkening Welding Helmets

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If, for work or hobby, you often have occasion to do welding, you know how important it is to wear a welding mask. There are special models on the market

8 pairs of colors for your home!

Although originality can sometimes be a bit scary, daring often rhymes successfully (but not always ). When redesigning an interior design, the first thing we need to choose is color.

Focus on: the rattan trend

Light, authentic and natural, rattan is one of the trends that we like. It integrates with all types of decor to create an ethnic, bohemian, chic, and warm atmosphere. So

Decorative trends for an outdoor: white / wood and vegetable / black

The sun is already pointing the tip of his nose, but your exterior is still not decorated? Do not panic! Adapt the painting of its walls according to the exposure

What is wabi sabi?

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We will explain everything from its origins to its user manual so that you have all the cards in your hands! The directions from elsewhere are quite exciting, and all

How to play with the paint effects?

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Cosee Design’s interior design agency located in Cannes gives you all the tips for playing with the results of the paints! Create a two-color piece To energize, structure and tone

Bathroom: 5 deco tips for a bluffing and fast makeover

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1) Refresh the worktop of your vanity unit You can make efforts in the decoration, if the worktop or the faith of your washbasin is in poor condition, the general