4 deco tips to build a barrel terrace before the summer

August 27, 2019 0 Comments

Bohemian style, super green, ultra colorful or very refined, the garden is the perfect place to fill up on plenitude, gather around a meal with the family or party with friends. Do you dream of sublimating your exterior with a vitamin-rich decor? Do not move, our offers 4 deco tips to highlight your terrace this summer. Let’s go!

Fall for an exotic garden sofa

The garden sofa is an essential decorative element to spend a relaxing moment on your terrace. Opt for a driftwood teak style garden sofa for a modern and chic design, comfortable seating, and long service life. The teak branches are very sturdy and massive, which makes the furniture durable and profitable. Accessorize your sofa with pretty cushions for an even more trendy and “cozy” effect!

Dress up your carpet floors

Bring color in your outdoor area with carpets, a design solution, and a super trend. Indeed, multicolored rugs are trendy, and there is something for everyone, of all sizes and shapes. You will surely find your happiness, and it will give your terrace a worked and first side!

Think about planting your terrace

Give a natural touch to your space by adding green plants. Create your own oasis where you will come to relax and rejuvenate during the day and evening. You can also add natural wood tealights that will dress your plants and bring cachet to your terrace. Cocooning effect assured!

Valuable advice: Attention, all plants can not survive a too sunny environment, for example, so make sure you know before selecting your plants! For example, bet on ivy, cacti, bamboo, or boxwood.

Opt for a decorative garland

To dress up your terrace but also to accentuate its side “to see,” install a pretty wreath. Whether hanging it or putting it in a vase, the crown is the very trendy decorative accessory. Small or large, minimalist or colorful, it will give a festive spirit and will also provide extra lighting for summer evenings.

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