8 pairs of colors for your home!

Although originality can sometimes be a bit scary, daring often rhymes successfully (but not always ). When redesigning an interior design, the first thing we need to choose is color. Blue / Green, Red / Black or Taupe / Blackcurrant, you only know what to choose from the rainbows of colors available to you. Because you have to dare without doing anything, Cosee has prepared a list of associations to keep in mind.

Blue and Brown

We start slowly with a duet of natural colors. It is well known that Nature is well done, why this marriage works! We have the strength of the Earth, associated with the softness and lightness of the sky. To accentuate this soothing harmony, all you have to do is play a little with the nuances by choosing a more powerful tone than the other.

Blue and red

Association was chosen by many of our favorite superheroes; we can only love it. But this duo seems more like a fantasy than anything else since we are often perplexed by the strength of these two colors. To keep their balance, you have to find the right nuances. Blue will often serve as a background to soothe everything; it can be dark as it can be very light. On the other side, the red will serve … the icing on the cake! The key that gives character, without much to do, must be lively. Always.

Blue and Rose

To finish with the Blue, another association that can seem crazy. Mixing the two often gives a childish and screaming result. That being said, if it is done correctly, this duo can be vitaminized while remaining pleasant! By small touches, and accompanied by white, it should be nice. And original. You can also choose pastel shades, which should make everything more intimate and softer.

Black and Purple

The class. Nothing more. Black symbolizing the absence of life, and purple spirituality, we have an extremely powerful duet. Vary on shades of purple to play with the originality and strength of your room.

Black and Brown

A duo that can set back the most ambitious, because too dark. That said, there are so many different shades of brown, that they are many to marry perfectly with the matte black. The latter will bring out the brown for a rich and contrasting decoration.

Orange and Rose

Hop, we’re going back to live! Two warm colors for a bath of light, only.

Orange and Violet

* activation of the time machine *

Welcome back into … The seventies! Association pure disco strain. In addition, violet has been coming back since 2018, the elected color of the year. Warmed by the orange, it will give an atmosphere both warm and … festive.

Yellow and chocolate

Although its namesake in tablets is the favorite of many, chocolate decoration is not always fashionable. However, it fits perfectly with an atmosphere in natural and woody tones. Especially as with the yellow, it will be quickened. Mix the sun and the Earth, and you get the kingdom of Simba! Is not it wonderful?

You now have only the embarrassment of choice. It’s your turn!

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