Bathroom: 5 deco tips for a bluffing and fast makeover

August 29, 2019 0 Comments

1) Refresh the worktop of your vanity unit

You can make efforts in the decoration, if the worktop or the faith of your washbasin is in poor condition, the general atmosphere of the room will suffer the consequences. To refresh this piece of furniture quickly, you can opt, for example, a cement tile effect or granite, a gradient of colors or an imitation mosaics. You can also choose a vinyl adhesive coating to stick in two minutes. Simple, fast, and effective! For the work plan, you can set a new model on the old surface and voila!

#coseetouch: for an even more trendy result, you can smear your old worktop with waxed concrete!

2) Change the color of your room or your furniture

In the bathroom, it is often the color of walls and furniture that sets the tone. Walls and furniture damaged or in bad condition can immediately look tired to your room. Bring a paintbrush and repaint your walls, your furniture, and even your bathtub! For small bathrooms, you can opt for light shades that reflect the light and allow an illusion of space. Regarding large bathrooms, all colors are welcome: soft and soothing tones for a relaxing atmosphere or more colorful shades to energize a room.

Little more your interior.

#coseetouch: be careful, however, to choose a special bathroom paint that will withstand moisture! If you also want to repaint the tiling or the mosaic of your bathroom, remember to pass an underlay and invest in a paint suitable for the coating.

3) Rearrange the lighting of your bathroom

Lighting in a bathroom is an essential element that should not be underestimated. Lighting too strong or too weak can quickly create an unpleasant atmosphere in your room. To remedy this kind of problem, several solutions are available to you. Indeed, you can, for example, multiply the light sources but also choose strategic locations for your lighting, especially around the central mirror and ceiling. For a “good-looking” effect, rely on spots, appliques or suspensions diffusing white light.

#coseetouch: think about changing the bulbs of your old fixtures for a boost of brightness!

4) Accessorize your bathroom

For a total makeover, it is recommended to accessorize your bathroom with decorative objects according to your tastes and your desires. Remember to keep an absolute harmony when decorating your room to promote an orderly space and in line with your lifestyle. To highlight your decorative elements, install them on wall shelves, open niches, or even stools. You can also integrate the wall decoration like pretty mirrors, carpets, picture frames, paintings. Also, think of the mats that will come to dress your room and warm your floors.

#coseetouch: If you want to bring a Zen touch to your bathroom, add decorative wood accessories, wicker baskets, and raw materials. For more industrial decor, bet on dark deco elements, metal vases or retro mirrors!

5) Add vegetal touches

You can never say it enough, but the green plants in your home will give you well-being and peace of mind. To refresh a space and provide it with life, there is nothing better than adding some plants here and there. In small pots, hanging on the floor or hung on the windows, you have an infinity of choices …

Valuable advice: be careful, choose a lot of plants that do not need a lot of natural light, and that adore humidity such as ficus, ferns, or sansevierias.

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