Bohemian decoration in a Texas loft

August 14, 2019 0 Comments

You do not know what to choose or how to do, but you want a clean result. So call a professional, it’s safer! Let us explain in what way below.

A global vision

When you get going, rain of ideas will fall on you, and you will not know where to turn in these conditions, difficult to be judge and left. You will have a hard time knowing whether or not your ideas will be achievable, and that’s why you will need someone to step back. The kitchen is one of the main rooms of the house, and it will have to harmonize harmoniously with the rest. In addition to this, care must be taken to comply with the standards and to make it functional and easy to maintain. All this, not to mention the details that will make her THE perfect kitchen. Unless you are in the business yourself, it’s almost impossible to pay attention to it all. And then, two brains are always better than one …

An ergonomic & functional kitchen

Then comes the practical aspect of your ambitions. A kitchen is a room that, beyond the design aspect, must be functional and efficient. Otherwise, it will only serve to exhaust you. This is the workplace. Storage, washing, and cooking will be the three sides of the triangle that you will have to build. For maximum comfort, the closer they are, the better the kitchen will be. All the furniture must be at the right height, at the bottom, and the top and all must be tuned to the millimeter to make it look good. Given the vast number of these pieces of furniture, the exercise becomes immediately more complicated than in the living room, where space reigns.

To finish the kitchen.

We did the simplest. This is the result that often proves to be the most challenging task for someone who is not in the business. You will have guessed that we are talking about pipelines, electrical standards or ventilation. All this, of course, will be a very complex project that must be followed. Calling on a specialist, or several will undoubtedly remove a thorn. Also, specialists are subject to rules, which force them to do their work correctly. Otherwise, they will have to do it again. While you …

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