Deco tip: a kitchen without high cabinet?

August 16, 2019 0 Comments

Are you tired of not seeing the light of day in your kitchen? Tired of not knowing where the cups are for dessert? So it may be time to change the layout of your kitchen! For that, nothing better than a design agency to help you!

Why choose the kitchen without large furniture?

While it became customary to see large furniture in every kitchen, it is more and more common to see them disappear, to make room for a different place! This new format of cooking has many virtues:

  1. Free space: you can imagine that by removing some furniture, you will save space.
  2. Give More Visibility: Tall furniture often takes up a lot of space, giving the impression of being in a smaller room.

3. Let the daylight in: It had been a long time since we had seen it! Without tall furniture, you can open your windows to ventilate the room and let the rays of the sun come to feed your home, much more than the artificial light.

4. Leave room for creativity: While furniture is hard to customize, you can do whatever you want on a free wall! So you can make your kitchen look like you!

5. For more creativity: When there is only low furniture, it is possible to choose an intense color without the style becoming heavy.

How to arrange a liberated space?

Once the choice is made, it remains only to decide the future of your kitchen. The possibilities are entirely multiple: extended wall shelves, suspensions, windows, shelves niches, corner shelves, plants, decoration, frames, etc.

Valuable advice: The Cosee team offers wall sconces! Why? Because it breaks the codes and brings originality, without compromising the storage! So, who is tempted by a small designer wall lamp above his worktop?

Finally, we can say that minimalism is an art and that it does not limit creativity!

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