Decorative trends for an outdoor: white / wood and vegetable / black

The sun is already pointing the tip of his nose, but your exterior is still not decorated? Do not panic!

Adapt the painting of its walls according to the exposure of the sun

Being attentive to sun exposure depending on the location of your terrace or balcony is the first thing to do. Indeed, if one of them is often in the shade, favor bright tones on your walls to avoid darkening the space and giving it a smaller aspect. On the contrary, if your area is often exposed to light, you can dim your walls while accessorizing them to refresh them.

Energize its exterior, with black walls, with vegetation

A black wall can quickly make your sad outside is not very warm. To avoid this, we advise you to add some greenery. To do this, you can make a plant ceiling, that is to say, suspend flower pots in height to optimize your space. You can also dress your exterior according to your tastes, for example, for an oriental style, add cactus, palm trees to your decor, they are essential! A touch more classic but beneficial, big flower pots!

Add a warm touch to its exterior with white walls.

If you do not accustom your exterior to white walls, space may look sad. So that it becomes warm, nothing better than to arrange some furniture and decorations in wood. Do you own a tiny space like a balcony? We have a solution! To optimize your area, you can add a small piece of furniture to fix to your fence so you can eat, work and at the same time enjoy your outdoors and at a lower cost because it is quite simple to make it yourself! An outdoor wood lounge can also be installed for a cocooning spirit.

Tip: We advise you to arrange your exterior walls in plant walls to energize your space. Also, you can even have a vegetable wall as a kitchen garden! If it works for your ceilings too!

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