Focus Kid: the wallpaper in your children’s room

August 7, 2019 0 Comments

Decorating a child’s room goes through several stages. The first step is to choose the tone and overall color of the room. If you do not want to paint a wall simply, we advise you to adopt the wallpaper, which is back in fashion for some time. Previously considered too “old,” it is, however, a real decorative element all by itself!

Some tips before choosing your wallpaper

At the level of colors and style of wallpaper

Opt for an intense wallpaper with sharp geometric lines to immediately give the room a cachet, but be careful, not just any! It is essential to stay in soft and pastel tones so as not to attack the little sensitive eyes of your dear children and create a cozy nest. We will opt for colors in light blue, water green, cream, beige, white, powder pink, and gray.

Choose your wallpaper according to the size of the room

For a small room: choose not too impressive patterns and soft colors so as not to overload the office and on the contrary, open it visually. A slightly lighter wallpaper will allow you to integrate wood furniture that will contrast well.

For a larger room: you can afford to spend on wallpapers patterned more pronounced (while remaining soft, of course) but conversely, to opt for furniture a little soberer.

A personalized wallpaper to your image

You can also create your own wallpaper and customize it to your taste! It’s effortless: create your design and have it printed on wallpaper rolls through specialized websites! Practical and smart when you can not find your happiness in-store, and you want a unique room!

Which wallpaper pattern should I choose for my child’s room?

Choose your type of wallpaper

Do you not know where to start? It is essential, before selecting the patterns, to choose your sort of wallpaper. You can choose :

  • Traditional wallpaper: usually used in the bedroom and living room
  • Expanded wallpaper: its texture is embossed or embossed, it gives relief to the walls
  • Vinyl wallpaper: it is waterproof thanks to a thin layer of PVC that covers it, so it will be used in damp rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen
  • Wallpaper consisting of two sheets of paper: one with patterns and one already glued

Choose wallpaper patterns

  • Plant prints: very trendy, plant prints have the coast decoration! They give a small urban-jungle aspect to a room! Combine it with decorative elements such as small animals on the ground, fake plants, or white elements to contrast! The green colors will go very well for a boy & girl room with small bright balls and mirrors on the wall! This is the motive we chose for one of our customers, Trendy, in the main office!
  • The graphic dimension: graphic wallpapers are a safe bet to give immediate effect in a room! It allows you to customize a place to your child’s taste by creating a cocoon aspect instantly. This will also provide a tone & a real universe to the room! We have made a small selection of our inspirations at the moment:
  • Geometric details: these more repetitive patterns are, as we explained to you at the beginning of the article, used for infant bedrooms. But you can keep it in time for your growing child! Just select it tastefully to give it a timeless look. You will only have to update the decor! We particularly like the repetitive effect of small strokes to stay sober, which you can combine with linen, wood, and plants. Why not opt ​​for originality by choosing swans or a healthy animal in pastel colors?
  • The pea effect: finally, the decisive impact that meets the characteristics of the previous one is the dotted print. This soft and uncluttered effect will give a small design side to a room that you want to keep simple while twisting it a bit! Then play on the colorful decoration to brighten it up, you will not be disappointed! The advantage of this wallpaper, like the previous one, is that you can keep it in time!

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