Focus on: the pampa trend

August 28, 2019 0 Comments

Real fashion effect and deco element this year, this dried plant invade our homes as our exteriors for an exotic atmosphere and summer guaranteed. We reveal to you its 5 small tips and deco tips for adopting it in your spaces. Let’s go!

1. In a vase

Put the Pampas grass in a jar is obviously the ideal solution if you want to decorate an entrance buffet, a coffee table, or even a bedside table or desk. You will give a bohemian touch to your interior while enhancing your interior design. To highlight these dried flowers, opt for a high transparent vase or a demijohn vase.

Valuable advice: to add a touch of originality to your decor, instead of a vase, you can also use a jar or even a bottle.

2. Suspended

Another option to adopt this trend in your spaces is to hang a beautiful bouquet of Pampas herbs in your rooms, for example, above your dining table, to create a natural and exotic atmosphere. A poetic vegetal decoration ideal for a warm atmosphere!

3. Grounded

Another original deco tip is to arrange your Pampas herbs on the ground. Did you know, its stems can reach up to 4 meters high! You can cut them to the length that suits you, according to your desires and your spaces. Its large stems make this feathered reed a decorative accessory that will guarantee a chic and elegant style in any room of your home.

4. In Juju Hat or crown

For an even more wow effect, you can opt for wall decoration with Pampas herbs that will adorn the walls of your rooms and give them a unique charm. In Juju Hat or in the crown, this ornamental plant promises a magical atmosphere and totally sublime.

Valuable advice: the grass of the Pampa also associates very well with all kinds of flowers. Feel free to create beautiful floral compositions to refresh your pieces and add a few colors!

5. In accumulation

You have probably noticed in our previous articles but our team Cosee is a big fan of the collection in decoration! The grass of the Pampas does not escape so … For a tenfold effect, let go and do not hesitate to add. The accumulation of this dried flower is perfect, for example, to decorate a long table or to accessorize your shelves or your windows.

Valuable advice: mix the colors of the vases, their materials, their sizes without any difficulty for an even more striking result.

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