Focus on: the rattan trend

Light, authentic and natural, rattan is one of the trends that we like. It integrates with all types of decor to create an ethnic, bohemian, chic, and warm atmosphere. So how to adopt it? Our team Co see unveils a small selection of rattan furniture so that you can get started too and integrate this trend into your spaces. Let’s go!

The rattan sofa

The rattan sofa is a perfect choice if you want to give your spaces a bohemian chic look. In addition to its comfort and elegance, it will bring a unique style and will illuminate your decor by its naturalness. You can associate it with other decorative objects, green plants, or antique furniture to accentuate the cozy effect in your living room, your garden or in your office.

The rattan chair

The rattan chair is now everywhere in our spaces, from the living room to the bedroom to the terrace. It has become a decorative element in itself.

Valuable advice: choose a rattan chair with an enveloping seat if you want to give a retro look to your space or a rocking rattan chair for a more bohemian atmosphere.

The rattan mirror

The rattan mirror is the deco accessory to invigorate, brighten, and enlarge your rooms. You can find different shapes such as the sun, flower, or eye. Whatever your style, the rattan mirror will dress all the walls of your living spaces, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere.

Valuable advice: do not hesitate to accumulate several rattan mirrors on the same wall for an even more trendy effect!

Rattan suspensions

Whether woven, woven or caned, rattan hangers will provide a peaceful atmosphere in your home, apartment, shop, or workspace. With their varied shapes and their natural hue, they will be associated with all types of decor while diffusing a soft and warm light.

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