How to light your home with wall lights

Depending on the lights we use, we can change the look of a room. So today we are going to review how we can use sconces every corner of the house and make the most of this type of lighting.


We have been using sconces in the kitchen for some time to get direct lighting. They are handy on the countertop and work area since they give you that extra light that you need to cook. They also provide a touch of style to the corner we use to eat or have a quick drink.


It has also been a trend for years to place sconces on the sides of the bed instead of table lamps. This option has several advantages, apart from aesthetics. The most important is that if we do not have a large bedside table, we will not spare space with a lamp.


Another way to light your house is with wall lights in the bathroom. This option is widely used for its practicality since it manages to give you that light you need to see the mirror. Combine it with another ceiling lamp, so you will have the type of lighting you need at all times.


The work or study area is perfect for using sconces. This extra lighting is necessary to read or write, and so you have to have it in this corner of the house. Although flexors are often preferred, if there is not enough space on the desk, they are again the best idea (and the most original).

Living room

Of course, the room was not going to be left behind with the lighting. For activities that we can do on it like watching TV or reading, we don’t need a whole ceiling lamp giving us light. With the dimmer light of a wall lamp near the sofa, we will enjoy our free time even more.

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