How to optimize the space of a small bathroom

August 27, 2019 0 Comments

Tired of not knowing where to store your products? Tired of not being able to fully enjoy a space that is usually designed and reserved for well-being and relaxation? Not everyone has the chance to enjoy a large bathroom. This is not a problem! Think of it as a challenge. Today, Cosee gives you some tips to optimize the space of a small bathroom, to make it more functional and pleasant.

Bathroom in drawer

It is common knowledge that drawers are storage par excellence. It will never have been so right! At first, you can simply opt for pull-out drawers to slide on your sink. They make it possible to obtain storage of different sizes and thus to be able to sort more easily. Then, if you have the possibility, you can build a storage column. We do not think about it often, but using each corner is essential. Finally, if you have a bathtub, recessed drawers are often welcome! Towels (or dirty laundry!) ​​Will fit comfortably under your bath. Class and efficient!

The shelves

Great girlfriends of drawers, shelves are also masters in the art of storage. Here, the key to success will be to find shelves for ALL the little places you have. Do not leave an unused corner! If the walls allow it, you can even dig niches to create extra storage space! So multiply the shelves up and down! The trick is to choose acrylic, to make all this transparent! You can then increase without doing too much.

Unexpected storage

Now let’s enter the somewhat creative part of the room. There, it is a question of optimizing each edge to the last! Even pamper your furniture to create new … Indeed, think for example a mirror with a large frame, which allows leaving our beauty products. In the same way, you can ultimately use the rim of the bathtub to free your shampoos, shower gels, etc. In your shower, you can create a small wall on which to put your products, or conversely, dig a space in the wall into nesting there.

Now, to show you creatively so that storage becomes a part of the fun!

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