How to play with the paint effects?

August 31, 2019 0 Comments

Cosee Design’s interior design agency located in Cannes gives you all the tips for playing with the results of the paints!

Create a two-color piece

To energize, structure and tone space, opt for two-colored walls! It’s trendy. Even if the white walls have all our love for their minimalism and sleek style, we must admit that a bedroom or living room shared in two colors has a crazy look! The choice of colors is vast, but it is necessary to respect the agreement of the shades, for example, the black and the white give a dark touch to the decoration of the living room, and the association of the neutrals and the pastels will create a chic effect and bring softness in the bedroom.

A beautiful gradient effect on your walls

Gradient painting on a wall provides an original and unique result. The good news is that besides being pretty, this effect is easy to achieve. Remember to take paints that do not dry too fast to have the time to work. Two solutions are available to you:

  • With a sponge and a water spray, the goal is to work the vaporized area to fade the color, which will create the melted effect.
  • With a brush, The goal is to apply different shades by making strips of regular size and leaving small gaps between each band. Before it dries, use a dry brush to fade and voila!

Create a basement with color

To add volume to your walls, nothing better than a cellar! It gives style, and you can customize it as you please! But at what level should one delimit one’s bedrock? This depends on the height of your ceiling. Generally, the ruler is 1/3 underbody for 2/3 of a plain wall. Be aware that the lower your basement, the bigger your fence will look!

Tip: For an even more original basement, our Cannes interior design agency advises you to add tiling to your open kitchen to connect spaces or even wood in your hallway.

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