Integrate a daybed into its interior

August 27, 2019 0 Comments

Day bed in French is a very trendy furniture item, very practical and so design! His long seat already gives you desire, but you do not know where to put it outside the living room? Here are some ideas that may inspire you!

Daybed in cozy mode

Let’s start with the beginning. Let’s see how to set up your daybed to create a cozy little cocoon. His strong point is that he has neither armrest nor backrest. Which means that you can arrange your cushions as you wish, and take any position to sleep, rest or read a little! It also means that you can stick it to the windows! What a pleasure, to be able to enjoy the sun and a view of the garden by curling on his seat … A perfect reading corner!

If you too are like hanging out in the bathroom, be sure that the daybed would be fine! What to take full advantage of this sanctuary of well-being …

Multiple features

Want to add a little extra to your entry? With a seat, the reception can only be more pleasant what to get out of or come home with a smile on your face. You do not like sofas too important, but you still want to give your guests enough room to settle? Choose the extra daybed to add character to your living room, because different from the sofa, and allow everyone to choose their favorite seat. Also note that without the folders, the daybed can accommodate a larger number of people!

Moreover, in a guest room, or child, install a daybed as a sofa can be very practical. It will serve as decoration, serving or sitting for most of the time, and can change into an extra bed in no time! Is practice not it?

Is it a daybed?

If you want to play the originality card, then you will be served! Imagine that this piece of furniture can, in addition to everything else, serve as a coffee table, revisited service, or separation between two spaces. Here, it is your imagination that should guide you, but know that in all cases, it adds a touch of merriment that is never too much! For small spaces, it is very flexible without losing its charm. So why should we dissociate elegance and practicality?

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