The 4 most unusual development

August 11, 2019 0 Comments

Bet on the suspended beds for an atypical room

Have you never seen one of your relatives? You will be the first to adopt it! Attached to the beams or the ceiling, the suspended bed can be installed in any room. Nevertheless, remember to check the materials used to build your roof before suspending anything. But apart from its aesthetic function, it has practical aspects: it can save precious space in small rooms. This will instantly give charm to the place, very few decorations will have to be used to have an atypical room!

A swing is for children, but not only … It can also be a decorative object in its own right!

The swing, also called the suspended seat, becomes a decorative element of today’s interiors indeed. Do you not know where to install it? In the room of your choice! Whether in a place for adults or children, a lounge or an entrance, the indoor swing fills the fun of city dwellers by adapting to all types of interior decor. In the children’s room, the swing can create a real game room; they will not want to leave! To install it, the idea is to have a proper height under ceiling, and it can then hold on to the beams to sublimate them.

A round bathtub that tempts you?

The undisputed star of the bathroom, the bathtub is synonymous with relaxation and well-being. Appreciated for the comfort it provides, it also lends itself to all our desires for interior design thanks to an ever more refined look. As the name suggests, the round tub has a circular shape, and that’s what makes it so charming. As for his installation, the best would always be to call a professional. Three base models exist for this type of bathtub: built-in models, freestanding models, and traditional island models. In theory, the round tub is made for big-box bathrooms. However, the good news is that it is possible to opt for smaller models. Let the gentle shape of round bathtubs envelops you!

The arrangement under stairs

Finished the place lost under a staircase, rather than leaving this space empty, make the choice to make your volumes useful! Many tips allow to arrange and make aesthetic this unexploited corner. Dressing room, an office, a relaxation area, a library, or even a wine cellar … If you have unique passions, you can perfectly organize a small corner under the stairs to indulge in this one. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

We can finally say that you can have an original and atypical interior quite quickly, you need a little inspiration and a good dose of energy! The team of Cosee Design interior design agency in Cannes and Paris hopes that you enjoyed this article and did not hesitate to share with us your most unusual arrangements!

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