The glass sign his big return


Even if for some time, the Plexiglas is shading it, the glass has kept its character. Blown, colored, smoked, dyed or textured, the latter has every reason to come back to shine at home!

Light on the glass!

And the light was because the glass survived! Hanging bubbles in the living room, over your dining table or in the hallway, it gives a lot of character to your room! Needless to say, it is these bubbles that will attract all attention, flooding the space with their warm light. They can just as easily be arranged in a simple line, as in an innovative molecular training! For effect more vintage than modern, you can also opt for the tinted glass table lamp. First, choose brown and ruby ​​for a retro style.

Everyday objects

For a little cheerfulness, choose the soufflé! For chewing gum bubble hooks, for cuts or for soliflores, glass controls the situation. If it is not abused, it will wear less than other materials such as plastic or plexiglass, and will easily bring many touches of color.

# Coseetouch: On the Internet, you can find hundreds of DIY to make with bottles or glass jars! What to show a little creative, recycle his objects, and customize his home.

More glass!

If you want to see things big and you are not afraid to do some sport to settle in, then this material is for you. More resistant, you can opt for tempered glass for your coffee tables. If you do not leave too much room for dust, it’s elegance assured. For even more grandiose, install a flat glass pane (ideally, tinted) in your room, as a dressing room door! Not only will this expand your room without dazzling you, but you can also try your clothes elsewhere than in the bathroom! Finally, the icing on the cake, for a maximum of class, choose the glass shower wall and let yourself be hypnotized by the glide of the water pearls …

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