The golden rules for an interior decoration

July 26, 2019 0 Comments

We have already talked about the bathroom, the kitchen and the terrace, but how do you do if you want a global harmony? This is the question we will try to answer. Here are the golden rules for successful interior decoration!

Because decoration is not just following your feeling, it’s always good to start by respecting some basic principles :

  • Laying the foundations of the project: Before doing anything, it is good to have bright ideas. For this, a part of an analysis of the available space is required. Then we can take note of the advantages and disadvantages of our home, the disposition of the rooms, the needs that we have, etc. We must respect the nature of places because consistency is one of the keys to success in decoration. Some ideas may be suitable for a home without being ideal for an apartment.
  • Find the style that suits you: The stage that we all expect! To do this, you can set up a mood board (board of ideas that correspond to your personality). On the other hand, if you do not have ideas, or if you have difficulties in expressing them, you can appeal to a professional, they are there for that! Afterward, do not lose your thread, do not scatter in a different style for every room in the house!
  • Differentiate desires & needs: We all know that in these moments of pure creation, we have a rain of ideas in mind. This is a good sign, but it can be dangerous! Be careful not to confuse desires and needs; it takes a happy medium.
  • Define a budget envelope and a schedule: Again, do not believe that everything will be done by snapping your fingers, and better to be organized to succeed! The decoration, even if there is no work, it’s not free!
  • Light and … action! Let this beautiful natural light pass through your home! Unless you are a vampire (let me doubt it) there is no good reason to avoid the light of day! Talk to a professional to learn how to play between lighting and natural light, and this will create the impression of space in your rooms, and all their charm!

Well, now that you have the ideas in place, here are some ideas of styles (nonexhaustive list) which you can inspire :

The Scandinavian: In the countries of the North, we want to feel warm at home. That’s why the Scandinavian style is natural and friendly. For this, candles here and there, plaid on the beige sofa, some pastel touches on the walls, clean lines, and geometric shapes. To top it off, choose light wood furniture, and your interior will be natural and right to the Scandinavian style. Wow!

The industrialist: Want to give a little character to your home? Draw in sturdy materials like wood and metal. The sober colors such as black or metallic gray will provide a “factory” appearance to your home (without the smell of soot), and all you will have to do now is to spit it all in red to invigorate the house!

Bohemian: Synonymous with travel and madness, this style will suit you perfectly if you like all that sparkles colors! It’s impossible not to smile when entering a nomadic world like Bohemia. If you choose it, it means that you are 20 years old, that means that you are happy and that means that your interior will be pretty!

Ready to go? Wait! Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Approach the decoration without having defined the thread: As said above, choosing a thread and stick to it is essential. You’ve seen a lot of shows on television, you’ve flipped through hundreds of home decor magazines, you’ve explored Pinterest from top to bottom, created pretty tables, and you’ve talked about it to your girlfriends all week long. I want a little industrial, a lot of Scandinavian, I also want it to be a bit girly, and I want the coral walls in my room! Yes, it’s fashionable! Good ideas, yes, but then we throw ourselves headlong into a nameless jumble. The successful decoration is done according to who you are (you and the tribe who shares your hut), what you like and what you are using, so take your time.
  • Too much space: Since you have a mountain of ideas in mind, you want to put a lot of decoration in your home. Admittedly, the ribbon is pretty, but too much is too much. You have to know how to stop so as not to clutter the space of each of your rooms as if it were the room of a child of 10 years …
  • Copy / Paste: No, even in decoration, we can not cheat. You went to your friends’ house last weekend, and it turns out that you have A-DO-RE their central island in the kitchen? You even noticed that they had a walk-in shower with a plant wall and you want the same thing? Hop, we call an architect and show him the pictures! It’s not that simple. Not only are these pieces, not yours, they will not look like you, but you are not sure if you have space, the inclination or the courage to do this. And then your friends may blame you…

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