Tips for decorating a corridor!

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As you understand, we are going to talk about this space in your house that serves as a transition. It often happens that it is neglected or poorly laid out. We agree it’s not easy to make a pleasant passage, but we’ll still give you some tips!

A real puzzle

Often devoid of natural light, too narrow and too long, we do not know what to do with this corridor … However, it ensures the transition between the rooms of your interior, and should not be abandoned! It’s a challenge that can pay you big, believe us! Rugs, mirrors, and bookcases will be your best friends! But that’s not all…

#Coseetouch: If you have a promising layout and space, then your hallway could even become a full-fledged room! Do not be cold!

Tip # 1: Brighten up!

Lumos maxima! There are many solutions to have optimal brightness in a corridor. Start by installing some spots at 1.50 m intervals. Then, to optimize the light, opt for the mirrors (placed at the end of the corridor, it will also enlarge the space) and the light colors (the white remains the brightest).

Tip # 2: Enlarge!

To make your corridor seem narrower, you may decide to paint the walls in two different colors: one dark enough for the bottom, one lighter for the top. This will bring some depth to your space, in addition to protecting the lower part of the walls of any traces of passages!

Tip # 3: Store!

There, we must be careful because we quickly find space to clutter for nothing. However, the corridors can quite accommodate some storage furniture, primarily since they will serve to animate a little! You can, for example, choose to put an original piece of furniture to store your shoes or an arrangement of colored coat hooks to have jackets, coats or decoration! The library is also the right choice for the hallway, often high and shallow. Accompanied by a warm carpet, it will bring a feeling of comfort and well-being. Also, if you have the possibility, do not hesitate to install a sliding door to enjoy a laundry area or a small dressing room, for example!

Tip # 4: Create!

The corridor is a space that often lacks personality, while you can do everything! Since no one will stay there, it is necessary to mark the blow without fear of being heavy! Wallpapers, picture frames, and shelves at WILL! A large chalkboard and it is your children who decorate the corridor by giving free rein to their imagination, a painted ceiling and we will want to stay there a nice mix, and we let ourselves go!

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