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If the problem occurs with only one device and all of your other devices (including the Apple TV supplied by Salt if you have chosen this option) are working properly, after the above verifications: Should the problem persist with any device after the previously carried out verifications, please contact our customer care. Verify that the fiber optic cable is plugged into the correct port number (communicated in the activation email) of the OTO outlet. You can connect your Apple TV using either the Ethernet cable (RJ45) or Wi-Fi: Use one or the other, bearing in mind that the 5Ghz Wi-Fi network is faster but more sensitive to obstacles (e.g. Our teams are working to resolve the problem promptly - and we thank you for your patience in the meantime. If you are using a Wi-Fi repeater(s), please unplug it (them). Should you subscribe to a new Salt mobile subscription during your Salt Home order, and have requested the transfer of your existing mobile number, the discount will be applied to your Salt Home invoice only after the conclusion of the number transfer. Finally, reset the Fiber Box to the factory settings (see. Mobile. Under certain circumstances, metal objects also block radio waves. During the synchronisation phase the POWER LED lights up and the FIBER LED blinks. If you are able to establish a connection with the Salt Fiber Box because of a configuration problem or defect of the repeater(s), please contact the manufacturer(s). Optical Tx: 0 dBm to 9 dBm as well as upper and lower case. In order to obtain the discount, you can either indicate your mobile number during the order or add it afterwards in My Account in the "Salt Mobile Discount" section. If you wish, you can then change the view from "Standard" to "Expert". We recommend this configuration for optimum quality of service, especially for online video games. - Dual-Band Select the menu of the WLAN bandwidth (2.4GHz or 5GHz) of which you want to change the name and/or password: you can change the WiFi name in the editable field next to SSID. Google Fiber Webpass is in city Google Fiber Webpass gives you the fast, reliable internet you’d expect from Google Fiber—all without bundles, contracts, or hidden fees. Make sure that other end of the fiber optic cable is plugged on the backside of the box in the small blue lever (positioned upwards) in the gray connector. How long will it take to activate Salt Home? 5s) until the green WPS LED lights up and blinks. How can I find out the firmware version of the Fiber Box? Or, install a Smart WiFi Extender nearby to amplify the signal. → Software update in progress. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Google Fiber Internet & TV. CONFIGURE NOW. If you do not see the 2 WiFi networks in the list of networks on your device, try with other devices, such as the Apple TV, if you have chosen the Apple TV with your Salt Home subscription. 1 Recommended Answer 1 Reply 0 Upvotes Can a mobile projector connect to the DVR and play a recording wirelessly I would like to be able to use a mobile projector in the back yard and play something that is record… Optical Rx: The Rx value must be above -21 dBm. How do I find out the Salt Home service activation date? Dissolve two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt (such as Pink Himalayan sea salt) in one quart (four cups) of warm water. In the settings pane, click Advanced; then click DNS.. Official Google Fiber Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Google Fiber and other answers to frequently asked questions. How do I turn the WiFi on and off in the administration console? The LEDs on the front of your Salt Fiber Box light up one after the other. You can place your Fiber Box in the multimedia cabinet or on the outside. I don't have or no longer have an Ethernet connection with my device, what should I do? If this does not solve the problem, please contact us at 0800700500. Do not use special characters such as ä, é, à, ñ, ç or §. Avoid placing the Fiber Box close to electronic devices that may be a source of interference. This type of fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like material. Which are the wireless interfaces of the Salt Fiber Box? We recommend the use of Wi-Fi repeaters in order to extend the signal in your home. If you are using a different router, please unplug it and connect directly to the WiFi of the Salt Fiber Box. If there are other devices connected to your Fiber Box via Ethernet, unplug them. As for the Apple TV 4K box, the info is that you can set it up everywhere in the LAN, no need to be plugged directly in the salt box. [CDATA[/* >