What is wabi sabi?

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We will explain everything from its origins to its user manual so that you have all the cards in your hands! The directions from elsewhere are quite exciting, and all reveal a particular lifestyle. We think for example of Lagom Swedish or Danish Hygge Place Japanese wabi-sabi now!

The origins

The wabi-sabi is a style that appeared in Japan when monks decided to go against elitist lust. They began to put forward a lifestyle much more straightforward, using local accessories, too often neglected. The term “Wabi” refers to simplicity, humility, and harmony, while “Sabi” means rust, which ages and authenticates over time. The mixture of these two words gives us the perfect opposite of our current consumer society, where productivity is king. The wabi-sabi is a style that offers an essential place to nature, time, and simplicity, as a return to the sources.

How to adopt wabi-sabi in decoration?

Browse flea markets

In search of the lost treasure, you will undoubtedly be interested in rummaging through the junk shops! It is here that we find what has too often been neglected, to be able to give it a second youth, by doing nothing but appreciate its wear. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of clutter: you are not there to overload your old home objects!

Simple things are the best

To get back to the basics, we must first realize that everything we own is not! So clean your interior of everything useless and combine the practice with the useful, no-frills. We will have to go back to natural matters because they are the noblest. Wood and stone will be your two best friends and assets. Also, do not forget that nothing or nobody is perfect, so you will have to appreciate the imperfections that you will expose! This is where all the charm of wabi-sabi!

Stay neutral

Always to create a natural harmony, you will choose the soberest colors, and close to the elements, such as beige, brown, or white of milk. You will plunge into a world where poetry and the passage of time have taken over money and consumption. A creaky wooden floor, a cracked vase or a faded rose will make the story of your home, the one you choose to adopt.

And now, you know everything about wabi-sabi, you have to try! You can reconnect with nature, be in tune with the planet, and enjoy the natural quality products. We think that it is essential to stay close to our sources, so wabi-sabi is a style of decoration that speaks to us! What do you think?

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