When brass comes to us

August 25, 2019 0 Comments

This alloy of copper and zinc, first used to make money, is now invited into our living room, but not only … A semblance of gold and elegance that can leave you indifferent, we know you! You are right, instead of brass!

Brass & Decoration

Brass is a material used since prehistoric times that we have kept the chic and authentic look, to make it a decoration choice in its own right. It finds its place very well in a classy and refined atmosphere, bringing a touch of light and luxury. It is used mainly by small keys, so that it remains fine and elegant. For example, it is excellent for mirrors, legs or appliques. So, what we thought to be details, take all their importance, since brass naturally attracts light. The coat hooks, coat hooks and shelves become real decorative elements! Associated with a graceful form such as flower, brass will become your best friend, believe us.

Tip : Brass is a clever choice, since it combines the aesthetics of gold with the resistance of copper.

To choose it is to adopt it

In addition to the aesthetic dimension, brass has a lot of trumps of its own. Note, for example, that it is malleable, durable and easy to maintain, to begin with. It is for all these reasons that it is a material chosen not only for the details, but also for luminaries, tables or accessories. The other positive point is that it is simply timeless. Although the bathroom is definitely his favorite piece, because of its resistance to corrosion, it will go well in the kitchen and living room, too. With turquoise blue, mustard yellow or anthracite gray, it will find its rightful place. He will always add his touch of historical elegance, while remaining discreet enough.

What to associate with brass?

Although with a grain of madness and a lot of imagination, we can do everything, it is always good to be able to rest on safe values. Brass and marble is one of them, and she is more than a winner! The cold marble and the warmth of brass, the recipe is strong in character and modernity. With wood, it becomes warmer, while with copper, it will become older, to give birth to a vintage style! As for the colors, there is the inevitable white, for a clean and modern design. Conversely, for a more baroque style, you can associate brass with black. Very stylish.

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